MAPEN Mailing List

A restricted mailing list allows us to keep in touch (to register use the form below). If you want a message to be received by members of the mailing list, send your message to Nelson Padua-Perez (email: and he will forward your message to the group. Notice that messages sent directly to will not be received by the group. The following are considered valid messages that will be broadcasted to the mailing list:

1. Announcements of local (MD/VA/DC) activities of interest to the Puerto Rican community.

2. News/Information about Puerto Rico.

3. Requests for information related to a personal matter.

4. Please try to keep messages as small as possible. Large files fill mailboxes quickly.

5. No chain letters, no jokes.

6. If you have any doubts about the message you want to send, feel free to get in touch with Nelson.

Membership to the Mailing List mapenlist@mapen.orgIf you would like to be added to the mailing list e-mail Nelson Padua-Perez (
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